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Bar Fly: Papa Gede’s Bar

Laneway, Rear 346 Kent Street, Sydney (02) 9299 5671
On my home desk, the tarot cards are spread for guidance. The mystic Papa Gede takes the tarot a step further. From the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, THE BARON leads the family of Gedes spirits: the card represents an unexpected turn of events, the drink to go with it – The Gambling Priest ($16); while brandy, Cointreau and FIRE are the alchemy of the signature The Zombie ($19). Papa Gede, by the way, is a psychopomp, a soulful spirit guide who protects the living and brings lust and laughter to all. His drink is a Cognac Sour. It’s on the cards that you might have a short wait to get in, yet persevere. With a 60-person capacity, this is a shining incarnation of a real Sydney small bar (low budget setup with the cash of three working owners), and it deserves our patronage.

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