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Photo: Hayley Sullivan

Pessimism runs through the Holmes family’s veins. While most families share traits like blue eyes, or brown hair, or a love of playing charades on camping trips, the Holmes family members were all born with the ability to see the dark side of any, and every, situation. Hope thrives briefly when 18-year-old Alex Holmes (Graeme McRae) falls in love for the first time, but during the nine-month period that follows, the entire family has to come to terms with love, loss and reconciliation.

Director Anthony Skuse and pantsguys Productions have come together to explore the universality of family drama through Simon Stephens’ play On the Shore of the Wide World. This production of Stephens’ award-winning play presents a cast of ten experienced and emerging actors including Lily Newbury-Freeman as Alex’s love interest.

“Simon Stephens’ play is instantly recognisable,” says Skuse.

“It shows three generations experiencing grief, love, and imagining a better life for themselves – all those things that make up our everyday. What is most beautiful is the way he presents these mundane incidents in an epic structure that celebrates ordinary lives as extraordinary.” (AE)

Jan 8-Feb 1, Griffin Theatre, 13 Craigend St, Kings Cross, $35, 9361 3817,


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