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Photo: Natalie Boog

This Lower-North Shore adaptation of a classically British script doesn’t offer too many surprises. It is delivered by a veteran cast of Australian actors with an Aussie roughness around the edges.

The script is an excellent choice and full of political satire, as well as touching portrayals of everyday people. Although it is set in a rather stuck-up British neighbourhood, there is something of Sydney suburbia to it. The political aspect shows how similar the governments of all Anglo countries are.

Set and sound are both formed with great care and creativity.

The cast are excellent. They produce true emotion and energy that can be felt from the back row. Brian Meegan in the lead is a pillar of elegance and strength, a genuine politician for the age.

This austere piece of theatre isn’t one for more contemporary audiences, but anyone wanting to witness quality stage-craft will be heading over the bridge. (LC)

Until Jan 24, Ensemble Theatre, 78 Mcdougall St, Kirribilli, 9929 0644,

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