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LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide January 2nd

Vampire Weekend


Tom Odell: He’s playing at Falls Festival, but why punish yourself with massive crowds and drunken jostling when you can see him up close and personal? With a career that dates back to his early teens, Odell has become one of Britain’s most understated artists. He has been quietly buzzing away writing songs and honing his beautiful vocal style. After being signed by none other than Lily Allen herself, Odell has had a stellar career in the lead-up to his most recent release Long Way Down, which catapulted to number one on the UK music chart. A British boy with an insightful sound.

Thu, Jan 2nd, Metro Theatre, George St.

Wiz Khalifa: Perhaps best known for marijuana affection and marrying Kanye West’s ex-missus, Wiz Khalifa isn’t all about the stereotypical image he purveys. Push publicity aside and Cameron Jibril Thomaz has a killer flow and a penchant for bass-heavy hip hop nuggets. His catchy anthem Black and Yellow burst onto the charts out of nowhere, and nothing but sinister beats, collaborations with the likes of Snoop Dog and Maroon 5 and a plethora of mixtapes have followed. His Sydney trip will be a banger, as Khalifa is joined by a full live band to give all of his greatest triumphs an extra burst of electricity.

Fri, Jan 3rd, Enmore Theatre, Newtown

The Mighty Reapers: Their bluesy soulful vibe is the stuff of legends, and after their return to the stage exactly a year ago, why wouldn’t these five madmen make the most of it? What makes this show noteworthy in particular is the line-up, consisting of the complete original line-up that saw them crash into the scene head-first back in 1986. Dave Brewer, “Continental” Robert Susz, Clayton Doley, Vito Portolesi and Antero Ceschin are all making special trips to reunite for trips down memory lane through their self-titled album as well as Trouble People and The Hurt is On.

Sat, Jan 4th, Petersham Bowling Club

Grizzly Bear: What do you get if you mix Indie rock with a few well-timed orchestral touches? These Brooklyn brainiacs. With a sound that knows no boundaries, these boys have gained fans in high places, which saw the likes of Jonny Greenwood and Paul Simon claiming their appreciation. They return to our shores to give the full treatment to their 2012 release Shields, showcasing their ability as musicians with a melodious and intricate method. Don’t miss the chance to see them live and kicking, as their unique sound soars through the halls of our white sailed building.

Sun, Jan 5th, Sydney Opera House

Bonobo: The Opera House two nights in a row? Why not! This week alone is proof that they know talent when they see it. Simon Green has seen his fair share of success throughout a career spanning over a decade. His electronic masterpiece Dial ‘M’ for Monkey and every release since then has been a thorough middle finger to the classification placed upon many. He like his label-mates Amon Tobin and the Cinematic Orchestra refuse to be defined, producing electrifying ‘genre-weaving’ sounds to keep things interesting. A treat from the master to your very ears.

Mon, Jan 6th, Sydney Opera House

Vampire Weekend: These four vamps have sunk their fangs well and truly into the hearts of their Australian audience. As the darlings of Triple J, these four New Yorkers have experienced serious airplay as well as features galore through outlets such as Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. It seems they can do no wrong and it’s all thanks to their latest collection Modern Vampires of the City. An album that expresses their lyrical wit and the rapid guitars that make it hard for anyone to resist the urge to tap their toes and jig it out. A last minute ticket surge is definitely on the cards. (CD)

Wed, Jan 8th, Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park

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