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It’s exciting walking into the Powerhouse Museum’s newest exhibit, Game Masters. As visitors step through, they are confronted with a hall lined with buzzing, blinking, whirring and colourful arcade games, all vying for attention. In that moment visitors are transported back in time, to the dawn of video gaming.

To enter is to become totally immersed in this fun and interactive world. Exploring not just the act of playing, but also the development of the industry and the creative minds behind the games’ design.

Director of the museum, Rose Hiscock says that the exhibition shows what happens when science and design combine to create amazing opportunities for creativity.

With fascinating sections devoted to exploring the motivations of designers, as well as multiplayer and large-scale 3D displays, the exhibition is sure to have everyone enthralled. (ATS)

Until Jul 13, Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo, $15-59 (includes general admission),

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