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Photo: Justin Bernhaut

Dance theatre company KAGE are back with Forklift, a dance-circus performance that couples a two and a half ton forklift with three dance performers.

Part of the Sydney Festival’s About an Hour series, Forklift is a high-risk performance with a difference, as three women perform on and drive around in a forklift.

“It’s obviously an incredibly powerful, heavy machine that gets transformed into something quite beautiful and astonishing with this very unusual, dynamic and physical performance,” says Kate Denborough, director of Forklift.

“It’s quite funny too. It’s not an earnest performance. There’s quite a lot of laughs and it’s quite irreverent and provocative,” she continues.

The three female performers in Forklift are Amy Macpherson, Nicci Wilks and Henna Kaikula.

“Amy is a dancer, Nicci is a circus performer and Henna, who’s from Finland, is a contortionist and a hand balancer,” says Denborough.

“The three performers have such different skills. They’ve all had circus training and dance training and then very special contortionist training as well,” she continues.

Forklift will be on at Bay 17, Carriageworks.

“It’s a beautiful space. I love it. We have never performed there before, so it’s fantastic,” says Denborough. (PG)

Jan 16, 18-19, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Redfern, $35,

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