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I’m going to remember 2013 as the year I fell in love with whisky. It started with The Macallan and their recently unveiled 1824 Series: Amber, Sienna and Ruby. They are all single malt whiskies, with names representing their natural colours, which develop from their length of time in oak sherry casks. While Amber [RRP $105] and Ruby [RRP $220] were both mighty smooth, my favourite Scotch whisky was Sienna [RRP $160] – it captures your imagination with oranges, vanilla, figs, raisins and ginger.




Straight off the back of this, I met Sam Simmons, the global brand ambassador of another Speyside producer: The Balvenie. He furthered my education by teaching me how to drink whisky: “Flirt with it – make her want you!” He also told me that whisky drinkers are “the most promiscuous drinkers” of all, changing partners more often than other drinkers. Some whisky drinkers keep a harem of different whiskies. My favourite of this range was The Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel [RRP $120], which combined vanilla, butterscotch, delicate spicing, and honey with a peaty smokiness that gently reminded me I was drinking whisky.

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