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City excels in HSC languages

HSC: Sydney Grammar School performed strongly

Inner Sydney schools have excelled at languages in this year’s HSC, with several students coming first in NSW in their chosen course.

At Fort Street High School in Petersham, Kimberly Xian placed first in Chinese Continuers (the course for those who studied the language in junior years), while Marta Krzanowski topped the state in German Continuers.

Larissa Chok from Sydney Girls High School beat out the competition in Japanese Continuers; the school also nabbed first place in French Extension (Lillian Flemons) and the Modern History (Ruby Lew).

Newtown High School of Performing Arts produced two first-in-course recipients – Jaimee Hassos for English (Standard) and Oliver Shermacher for Music Extension.

Sydney Grammar School dominated the classical languages, with students topping Latin Continuers and Latin Extension. Gabriel Gregory, also from Grammar, topped both Classical Greek Continuers and the extension course.

Cian Galea, from the International Grammar School in Ultimo, came first in Spanish Extension, while Lucy Nason of Kambala topped Ancient History.

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