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'Pyramids', by Remnim Alexander Tayco, 2013

Adaptation at the Janet Clayton Gallery is a group show that combines photography, painting, and installations which enchant with visual diversity.

Alicia Rose’s Domicile series showcases pictures of decaying rooms. Each empty space is a narration of fragility, wistfulness and untold lives. These delicate images contrast with the strong colours and surrealistic style of Remnim Alexander Tayco whose Pyramids is an exposition of nature precariously perched on a bed of sharp triangular threat.

In the rear of the gallery, wit awaits in Bess Kenway’s works. Orange Peels, a large installation composed of the eponymous rinds, manipulates texture and form to make compelling viewing. Kenway’s contributions are a unique blend, part sculpture and part painting, with titles that hint of cheeky independence.

The exhibition is a feast of form, light and thoughtful creativity. The mixture is effective and entertaining and the show is one which proves the vitality and versatility of the Sydney art scene. (LR)

Until Dec 21, Janet Clayton Gallery, 2 Danks St, Waterloo, free,

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