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Clever plays equally addressing concerns of youth and adults are rare, but The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You aims to accomplish this. Confronting ideas of teenage anger, coming-of-age angst and confusion, the play is not full of darkness explains director Kate Gaul.

“The play is very funny. It’s quite whimsical and only dark around the edges.”

The Violent Outburst That Drew Me To You was originally a commission between Siren Theatre Company in Sydney and Mudlark Theatre in Launceston.

“It sounded like a challenge so we went through that process,” says Gaul.

As much as the play is focused on the “unpredictability, creativity, energy and emotion” of teens, it is also about how people of all ages approach life, says Gaul.

“It’s one for all ages … and I think grown-ups will enjoy it as well. They may feel a tinge of nostalgia looking back on those wonderful, roaring and crazy days.” (OA)

Until Nov 30, Riverside Theatres, Church St & Market St, $23-27, Parramatta, 8839 3399,

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