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Take your typical southern melodrama, roll it in glitter and throw in some drag queens and you’re partway to imagining Sisters Grimm’s outrageous new play, Summertime in the Garden of Eden.

The queer theatre group is teaming up with Griffin Independent to give Gone with the Wind a camp twist, cantering into town after a sold-out season in Melbourne riding waves of critical acclaim.

The play tells the story of an aging southern belle who returns to the family plantation after a decade of silence, as the US braces for civil war.

“It’s a potent mix of emotional turmoil, gothic horror and hypersexuality,” says drag performer Agent Cleave, who plays Daisy May in the show.

“The actors are all playing it to the truth: we’re all trying to be as sincere as we can and master that cinematic style of acting.”

He continues, “But the design is pretty intense – it looks like ‘My Little Pony’.”

Agent Cleave promises audiences of all cuts are in for a raucous time.

“No one’s going to be safe from getting their personal space a little bit invaded by the giant acting and personalities.” (EJ)

Nov 23-Dec 14, SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod St, Kings Cross, $35,


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