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Live music needs digital focus: Mandla

Edward Mandla says the live music plan must have a digital component

The City of Sydney’s plan to boost live music needs to utilise digital technologies and social media, Liberal councillor Edward Mandla has said.

The Live Music and Performance Action Plan, now on public exhibition, aims to create new live opportunities and audiences for musicians.

While all City councillors agreed to support the initiative, Mr Mandla thought it fell short of what could be achieved.

“I am supporting the motion today but I believe we can do better,” he said. “We need to provide support for the creation of digital sites and distribution online to help gather a following for live music artists. No venue will hire a band without first hearing what they have to offer.”

Mr Mandla has already flagged a review of the action plan in the near future, to ensure it leverages digital and social opportunities.

As it stands, the plan will simplify the approval process for low-impact live music and performances, provide financial help for infrastructure and capital costs, make City-owned properties available as rehearsal spaces and set sound proofing standards for new residential developments.

“Poker machines and large sports screens in pubs, increased costs and increased competition from other forms of entertainment have all contributed to the decline of live music,” said John Wardle, co-director of the National Live Music Office.

“In addition to these obstacles, over the past decade, there has been a dramatic increase in residential living in parts of the city that were traditionally home to live entertainment”.

The plan will be on public exhibition until the 17th of January.

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