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Push for Pirrama Park swing

Pirrama Park in Pyrmont / Photo: City of Sydney

Community action groups in Pyrmont are petitioning for the installation of a swing specially designed for the disabled at Pirrama Park.

Labelled the ‘Liberty Swing’, the feature would allow people in wheelchairs to roll onto a swing.

Elizabeth Elenius, Convenor of the Pyrmont Action group, said the initiative has the broad support of the local community.

“There is strong support for it [the swing] in the community – why wouldn’t you support such an idea?” she said.

“There is a lot of white concrete near the café at Pirrama Park, which can quite easily be used for this.”

Fundraising and a petition to have the swing installed has gained momentum, driven by community action groups in a bid to persuade the City of Sydney Council to install the swing.

Marcelle Hoff, the former Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney and head of Friends of Pyrmont Point (FOPP), said even though money has been raised, the community is still awaiting an affirmative nod from Council.

“Although the community has raised all this money thus far, the Council really hasn’t given a go ahead, hence Variety NSW cannot give permission to put the funds in the bank in their name until such time that they get the okay [from Council],” she said.

Local community action groups are also pushing for additional improvements to the park, such as fencing the playground in the park.

Jean Stuart from Pyrmont Community Group said that having an unfenced playground is a significant safety concern.

“The playground is adjacent to Pirrama Rd and it is some 80 metres from the water’s edge,” she said. “It means that if you’ve got more than two children in the park, it’s extremely difficult to supervise them all.

“We spoke to some young mothers who said that they went to Jubilee Park instead of Pirrama Park because it was fenced. Most children’s playgrounds are fenced – we cannot see why this can’t be fenced.”

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