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Despues de Lucia

Founded in 2006 by Samuel Douek with the intention of presenting the best in Mexican cinema to a global audience, the eighth Hola Mexico Film Festival is heading to Paddington showcasing ten films and six documentaries.

It has traversed the world, including the Cannes Film Festival, and accumulated a multitude of awards world-wide. Douek recommends Nosotros los Nobles (We are the Nobles) directed by Gary Alazraki, which smashed Mexican box office records with over 6.8 million viewers, and Despues de Lucía (After Lucia), directed by Michel Franco, as two of the most important films this year.

Douek also says an integral purpose of the festival is “to provide different voices and traditions of Mexican culture, and to inform audiences of what is happening in Mexico.”

Douek hopes to enhance a deeper understanding of contemporary Mexico with a “great selection of documentaries exploring the social dynamics and humanitarian issues prevalent in the country.”

The Festival provides a range of entertainment including workshops, a Mexican bar, an art exhibition and free live music every night. (SC)
Nov 27-Dec 3, Chauvel Cinema, Paddington Town Hall, Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington, $16.50-35, 9361 5398,


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