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'Falling Stack (production still)', by Kate Mitchell, 2012

Sculptures, abstract art, a found object and a striking print decorate the floor and walls of the Chalk Horse Gallery with Bathysphere.

James Kerr’s Desiccated Vases consists of a pair of boxes filled with crushed rose petals. The works are reminiscent of abstract art mixed with the quotidian impression of a cork board. The contrast of natural beauty and artificiality confounds the senses.

The highlight is undoubtedly the art of Sannè Mestrom. The elegant lines of these pieces curve luxuriously in the light. The combination of fresh greens and whites are offset by a shocking splash of red in Untitled IV. Mestom’s ceramics nudge each other like coy siblings and continuously draw the eye.

The exhibition is completed by contributions from Kate Mitchell, Addison Marshall and Jasper Knight. Overall, the eclectic presentation is an enticement to the eye and an interesting glance at modernity. (LR)

Until Dec 14, Chalk Horse Gallery, 8 Lacey St, Surry Hills, free, 9211 8999,

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