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Michael Falzon

Dreamingful Productions presents the world premiere of Atomic. Directed by Damien Gray and set in 1939 from an American perspective, the musical follows the true story of scientist Leò Szilàrd, who was the pivotal architect in the atomic bomb’s creation.

Szilàrd finds himself torn between the pursuit of the bomb and the love of his life – Trude.  The plot focuses not only on the moral issue of the bomb, but also on the enormous and lasting pressure that’s caused within the couple’s relationship.

Actor, singer, songwriter Michael Falzon (Blue Heelers, Pirates of Penzance) says he was attracted to the role of Szilàrd as it was an unestablished and original work, “We had to flesh the story out from the ground up.”

Uncommonly, rock music is used in this production, “Using rock as an edge has created character in itself and lends a lot of weight. The music grabbed me. There are some great tunes,” says Falzon.

Billed as an extraordinary story of love, faith and the bomb. (LK)

Nov 16-30, NIDA Parade Theatres, 215 Anzac Parade, Kensington, $55-59,