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Harry Vanda and George Young are two men responsible for writing and producing some of Australia’s biggest hits, Friday On My Mind, Good Times and Love is in the Air to name just a few. It’s quite fitting then that they should be honoured by another Australian institution with Rockwiz Salutes Vanda & Young.

“I always knew they were crucial to the development and the history of Australian rock ‘n’ roll. The more research I do, they’re just remarkable, from The Easybeats and that incredible run of hit singles that they had,” explains Rockwiz co-creator and chief adjudicator Brian Nankervis.

Fans can expect a live version of the popular SBS TV music trivia game show with very little changes in way of structure.

“We’ve got the traditional Rockwiz mix of older artists with younger artists, household names and up and comers. Though unlike the TV show we’ve got eight to ten artists, everybody wants to be involved,” says Nankervis.

Just because it’s a live version of the show doesn’t mean the guests will be revealed beforehand either, that’s all part of the fun.

“Rockwiz tradition dictates that we don’t advertise the guests,” explains Nankervis. (AH)

Dec 6, Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown, $84-$179,


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