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Photo by M. Tessaro

Harlos Productions’ sixty-minute version of King Lear comprises key scenes from the play, joined by a narrator’s summary of events in-between. Created with just two players, this is a theatrical entity that focuses squarely on the art of performance and storytelling. In the hands of Gertraud Ingeborg and David Ritchie, it is clear that the art form in question is a noble one. Indeed, Ingeborg and Ritchie present to us, a craft that is effortless, confident, and thoroughly accomplished.

Scarlett Ritchie’s direction brings out the best in both actors.The audience is shown the full range of their impressive skill, which gives the show an exciting feel of constant variation, and that variation is elemental in engaging the audience’s emotions. (SW)

Until Oct 13, Old 505 Theatre, 280 Cleveland St, Surry Hills, $15-25, 


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