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Photo by Bob Seary

Noel Coward’s unique English witticism comes to Newtown with Hay Fever.

The Bliss Family, retired actress Mother Judith, self-absorbed novelist Father David, and their two restless children Simone and Sorel, each invite an admirer to their country house. Instead of the ‘quiet’ weekend away promised, the family is soon playing mind games with their unsuspecting guests. The allure of flirtation, outrageous party games and constant teasing see each take on a role they did not expect.

Director Rosane McNamara and set designer David Marshall-Martin do a fantastic job of bringing 1920s English country charm to New Theatre.

Performances are all-round outstanding but particular mention to Tess Haubrich (sultry guest Myra) and Alice Livingstone (Judith) who achieve perfect comedic timing.

The true comedy and charm of the play comes from Noel Coward’s smart vernacular and understanding of human behaviour. Coward tells a lot under the cover of self-obsessed intellectuals – questioning art and reality. (ATS)

Until Nov 2, New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown, $17-32,


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