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Lasseter’s Bones is an award-winning documentary which investigates the legend of  Lasseter’s Reef. Did Harold Lasseter discover a seven mile reef of gold in Central Australia? A diary found near his bones in 1930 propelled the myth which still remains a mystery.

Lasseter’s 85-year-old son Bob and filmmaker Luke Walker embark on a journey attempting to solve this enigma, utilising information from newspapers of the day, old diary entries, historical societies and family tales.

Thought to be a conman and a fraud, Lasseter allegedly faked his death and fled to the USA. Modern technology denounced Lasseter’s sensational claim but could Lasseter’s reef be more than just a myth?

Lasseter’s Bones is riveting, absorbing and extraordinary. Take this psychological journey and be stunned by the revelation. (MM)

*** 1/2

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