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Cantina heads to Potts Point laneway

A Potts Point laneway has been earmarked to become a hub of community activity in an effort to bring a “village feel” to the area.

A 12-month trial of open air eateries and assorted acivities at Llankelly Place started on Tuesday, as the City of Sydney looks to broaden outdoor dining options.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said: “The City is working with the Potts Point Partnership and local businesses to explore options for public art, street markets, live jazz and other activities that will add to the strong village feel that’s so important to the area.

“Llankelly Place is an ideal spot for outdoor dining as it’s close to the main street but wide enough for more tables and chairs.”

The trial followed discussions with local businesses about ways to establish Llankelly Place as a hub for community activity. Some ideas are underway, including the refurbished of signature “starburst” lighting feature, which was launched with a street party in July, and additional cleansing services.

This weekend Sol Beer will launch a pop up cantina on Llankelly Place, labelled ‘Cantina del Sol’. The interior of Potts Point’s Villa Bar & Kitchen will be transformed by interior designer Ally Bercich into a Mexican-themed area, drawing influence from the style of Mexican artist Frida Khalo – a name synonymous with Mexican arts and culture.

Al Carbon, a Sydney food truck brand, will supply a specialised menu inspired by North Mexican cuisine.

“We’re bringing the real tastes of Mexico and its street vendors to the pop up,” said Al Carbon head chef, Atilla Yailmaz.

“Think honest, fiery and sharp flavours, the real deal. Just like in Mexico. That’s what you’ll find at Cantina del Sol.”

There will be entertainment at Catina del Sol, including from instrumental trio Kallidad at the VIP launch event on Thursday evening and a DJ set from Alyssa McClelland. There will also be acts from Mexican character actors, secret performances, a caricaturist to acclaimed artist Skullavera who hand paints ceramic skulls.

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