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Photo by Sean Bacon

Version 1.0 theatre company delivers productions that provoke the audience to ask questions. They will do this once again with The Vehicle Failed to Stop.

Two Iraqi women were gunned down in a Baghdad street in October 2007. What captured world headlines was that they were shot by private contractors working for an Australian company.

This tragedy is the impetus for a production that explores the increasing role of privatisation in modern warfare.

“People are making millions of dollars from these industries that span the globe and operate outside the laws of any country,” says company artist Irving Gregory.

He explains that The Vehicle Failed to Stop investigates, “issues both ethical and political that arise around the use of private companies in international conflicts,” such as, “lack of accountability and the legalities of what happens when civilians lose their lives.”

Gregory along with Jane Phegan and Olivia Stambouliah appear in this piece of documentary theatre, which was put together collaboratively using source materials such as transcripts, articles and documentaries.

Gregory says of version 1.0, “We like to present certain facts to an audience and have them question what those things mean to them.” (PG)

Oct 15-26, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Redfern, $35, 8571 9099,


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