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Photo by Jeff Busby

It may be titled Super Discount, but Back to Back Theatre’s inventive new production plans to deliver a first-rate comic experience as it premieres this month.

The convention-breaking ensemble, which has been working with actors with perceived disabilities for 25 years, is teaming up with Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre to challenge audiences to think differently about disability.

“It’s about representation, specifically about disability representation and the power play of assuming you can speak on someone’s behalf,” says actor David Woods.

Super Discount opens with a room of fictional characters as they audition for the chance to play real-life actor Mark Deans in a superhero role. Taking on confronting ideas of agency and empowerment, the play will be buoyed by surprising humour.

A “mind-boggling” visual sequence, painstakingly choreographed by Antony Hamilton, is also set to startle audiences, says Woods.

“There is something in this show that I did not think was physically possible, and I just don’t know how they did it,” he says cryptically.

“It’s just so fragile and beautiful, but also just so odd. You would never believe that someone would think to make this thing.” (EJ)

Sep 20-Oct 19, Wharf 1 Theatre, Pier 4/5 Hickson Rod, Walsh Bay, $30-65,


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