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Just when you thought Hollywood couldn’t get any cheesier, along comes the Vin Diesel driven Riddick, a movie that begs the question is the title an allusion to ‘ridiculous’?

This third film in the Riddick series tells the story of Richard B. Riddick (Diesel), a wanted outlaw and convict who has been cheated by his enemy – the Necromongers – and left on a desolate planet to die. However, Riddick is a survivor who knows how to defeat his enemies at any cost, whether by injecting venom, mending his broken leg himself, training a wolf to be a pet or eating raw meat.

The film once again has those sun-scorched planets common to the series, and Riddick astoundingly manages to rampage past poisonous alien predators and two separate teams of gruesome mercenaries.

Watch this action-violence-horror-gore-sci-fi-thriller just so that in a decade or two you can brag when Riddick becomes a cult classic. (JR)


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