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‘BBBB’ a growing sensation

Members of the Bondi Beach Bar Brutes / Photo: Madelaine Wong

A community fitness group piloted by social media have celebrated their one-year anniversary of street workouts at Bondi Beach.

Stan Veniaminov, founder of the ‘Bondi Beach Bar Brutes’ (BBBB), was inspired by the growing international network of fitness groups on Facebook and YouTube and began to post videos of members working out.

“The video culture is popular in this type of sport,” said Mr Veniaminov. “There are many different groups overseas and because of us, many other groups have started. We post up videos on Facebook and we got 3,500 fans within a short period. It is becoming more and more popular.”

Asher Waxman, a Bondi resident who organises BBBB’s social media network, said the group had rapidly expanded.

“It started off very grassroots just a group of guys who trained regularly together,” he sad. “But it became more popular and people wanted to join in.

“Overseas there were fitness groups posting up videos on YouTube, so we decided to do the same. We train together during the week and have organised ‘meets’ one Sunday every month.”

In response to the expanding group, Waverley Council has negotiated a development plan to upgrade the outdoor fitness station on the foreshore of Bondi Beach within the next 24 months.

“The existing fitness station – in particular the rubber matting – has reached the end of its life,” said a Council spokesperson. “To ensure the fitness station remains safe for people to use, we are looking to upgrade both the equipment and rubber matting. Rotary Bondi Junction has also provided helpful ideas about equipment and funding.

“We have received overwhelming support for the upgrade project from the community. Over 98 per cent of people who responded to the survey expressed support for the project.”

Sponsored competitions and events take place during each monthly meetup. The basic competitions consist of push-ups and handstands around the Bondi bars area, with upbeat music and a focus on socialising.

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