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Photo by James Morgan

One thing is for certain – everyone loves a good murder mystery, and that’s exactly what audiences will be getting with Agatha Christie’s A Murder Is Announced.

“A murder mystery gives us the opportunity to prove how clever we can be to solve a murder long before police or detectives; it gives us a chance for one-upmanship,” explains acclaimed actress Judi Farr, who will be playing the role of Miss Marple.

“A man on the run, guilty or not, really takes our imagination away from the mundane.”

Farr is very aware of the duty that comes with playing such an iconic character in the murder mystery genre.

“A huge responsibility rests upon the head of anyone who portrays her – purely because she is an icon of the genre by her longevity. Playing a female amateur detective who wins ‘every time’ with her unusual, often comical devices, is a challenge set by not only Agatha Christie,” explains Farr.

Agatha Christie’s A Murder is Announced will bring the inner detective out in everyone, and according to Farr you can’t ask for much more.

“Mystery, suspense, and a lot of fun, what more can one ask from an evening in the theatre?” (AH)

Sep 27- Oct 27, Sydney Theatre, 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, $95-110, 9250 1999,


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