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Youth is a gritty and bold crime thriller screening at the 10th AICE Israeli Film Festival. Shaul and Yaki (Eitan & David Cunio) live with their parents  outside Tel Aviv. When financial hardship threatens the family home, the brothers abduct a girl (Gita Amely) from a wealthy Orthodox family, hoping an enormous ransom payment will resolve the family’s problems. However, bad planning ensures the venture goes terribly wrong.

Real-life siblings Eitan and David Cunio deliver powerful performances in their first feature, as brothers who share a strong and seemingly telepathic connection. Disturbing and violent at times, a quirky undertone is prevalent, as nothing goes right for these amateur kidnappers.

Momentum escalates and audiences will be intrigued, but ultimately this potentially satisfying film disappoints owing to an abrupt and underwhelming finale. (MM)


Aug 23 & 25, Palace Verona Cinema, 17 Oxford Street, Paddington, $19.50, 9360-6099,


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