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Hollywood has mesmerised movie-goers with slayers of giants, dragons, witches and vampires and now the anticipated The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones arrives in cinemas. Based on Cassandra Clare’s best-selling novel, this action fantasy revolves around demon slayers.

Clary Fray‘s (Lily Collins) life is uprooted when her mother disappears and she discovers she comes from a line of shadow hunters (demon slayers) who protect the world from these immortal creatures.

Edgy and sinister, this ‘teenage flick’ has all the elements of a dark fairytale. Set in contemporary New York City, much of the story takes place in a castle where good ultimately triumphs over evil.

Legions of fans will be enchanted – but the rest of us will feel underwhelmed, as we’ve seen it all before in the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises. (MM)


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