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Presented by the Australian Theatre for Young People, the Australian premiere of the award-winning play Spur of the Moment is sure to inspire. Written by British playwright Anya Reiss when she was merely 17, its debut season at the Royal Court in London was met with critical acclaim.

Featuring Felix Williamson (Underbelly: Razor), Zoe Carides (Packed to the Rafters) and an exceptional supporting cast of young actors, Spur of the Moment tells the story of 13 year-old Delilah.

While her parents’ marriage crumbles, Delilah hangs out in her room with friends, talking Harry Potter and planning her next birthday party. She’s also falling in love with their 21 year-old tenant.

“It’s really just a play about thinking you have the answers and seeing everyone around you as bizarre and heartless and selfish,” says Reiss.

She adds, “but at the heart of the play, as cheesy and awful as it sounds, it’s about love.”

Seasoned director Fraser Corfield is thrilled to open the show to a fresh audience.

“It’s lovely to see something that packs an emotional punch, that has a lightness of touch and a real kind of appreciation for its audience.” (TW)

Aug 28-Sep 14, atyp Studio 1, Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, $20-35,


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