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'I am a genius', by Dale Frank, 2013

Dale Frank’s pieces in new abstract exhibition, Nobody’s Sweetie, consist of beautiful, eclectic colour which convey a sense of tension and chaos.

The depth of Frank’s work can’t be seen in any photograph or reproduction. There are multilayers of paint and varnish that must be seen in person, which show the space between is as significant as the surface.

Frank doesn’t like to interpret his work, but gives them either long or potentially sarcastic titles such as I am a genius.

His process is said to be more contrived than one would think – the method is pouring paint over canvas and varnishing over it. The most striking aspect of his work, is that it doesn’t adhere to any particular idea or concept and has a sense of “I don’t really care but here it is!”

Frank’s work is in major national collections and numerous museums overseas and he continues to be one of the most prolific Australian contemporary artists. (LK)

Until Sep 7, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, 8 Soudan Lane, Paddington, Free,


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