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LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide August 15th


Twist and Shout: This is a promising trip to the state of nostalgia. A night dedicated to the swinging 60s with a plethora of genres, including rock’n’roll, British invasion, soul-pop and rhythm and blues. To mark the 36th anniversary of the great Elvis Presley’s untimely demise, Twist and Shout will feature the expert hands of DJs Mr Chad and Dylabolical to get the most rigid patrons moving, shaking and singing along to the classics of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Chubby Checker.

Fri, Aug 16th, Brighton Up Bar

Flyleaf: For a band that deviates so far from the norm, Flyleaf are a testament to their genre. From the early days of their outstanding platinum self-titled debut to now, the band has been the frontrunners of a sound that so many strive for and so little achieve. Despite a line-up switch from original vocalist Lacey Sturm to former Vedera vocalist Kristen May, the band are still going strong. Their latest EP Who We Are has been met with rave reviews. Expect to hear the heavy gems of their past as well as those from Memento Mori.

Sat, Aug 17th, Metro Theatre 

Teddy Tahu Rhodes & The Sydney Youth Orchestra: If you enjoy the works of Wagner and other similar composers, this union between Teddy Tahu Rhodes and the Sydney Youth Orchestra (SYO) will mesmerise. Hailing from Christchurch NZ, Rhodes has been recognised time and again for his talent, including receiving an ARIA award for his record The Voice as well as a Limelight Award and Helpmann Award. This performance will add the SYO to Rhodes’ enviable collaboration history, full of beautifully composed musical numbers.

Sun, Aug 18th, The Concourse, Chatswood

Joan Baez: A legend in her own right, Baez has played her part in making history. Whether it was singing on the very first Amnesty International tour or being a champion of the Civil Rights Movements with Martin Luther King, Baez has solidified herself as a beacon and political force. Musically, she has been a major player within the scene, combining rock, gospel and country music to maintain her signature sense of versatility. She will return to Australia for the first time in 20 years, so don’t miss the chance to see one of the world’s living legends.

Tue, Aug 20th, Sydney Opera House

AWOLNATION: Live music hasn’t been the same since LA electro-rockers Awolnation busted onto the scene in 2009. From the moment front-man Aaron Bruno was first approached by Red Bull Records, this crew have risen from strength to strength, releasing their EPs Back From Earth, RE/SAIL and I’ve Been Dreaming as well as their debut studio monstrosity Megalithic Symphony. The significant success of their first single Sail in Australia ensures this live show will be a brain-sloshing affair full of electro-glory, punk-product and true technique.

Wed, Aug 21st, Oxford Art Factory (CD)