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'Power Play' by Sally Clarke, 2012, photo by Luminere Imaging

A plethora of colours, shapes, media and form feature in the Verge Gallery’s Intra-sections exhibition. The show focuses on boundaries and borders and the pieces merge and separate randomly creating an explosion of light and sensations.

The art works range from a gelatinous blue jellyfish impersonation with tendrils that trail on the floor, to green splodges of paint spilling on the walls. A silly string sculpture adds to the visual eccentricity. The installations intertwine and twist around the space, over lapping, contrasting and complementing each other in superbly pleasant chaos, which evokes the playfulness and joy of childhood.

From the shining gold mass of Kim Connerton’s Pre-Life standing in the sun together, to the pastels of Aqua Mucosa, Intra-sections is a challenging and curiously enticing experience which encourages introspection and reverie. It continues the tradition of unique artistic expression which is typical of the Verge Gallery. (LR)

Until Sep 7, Verge Gallery, City Rd, Jane Foss Russell Plaza, University of Sydney, Free,

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