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Hello Sailor

Stumbling into this nautically themed bar from Foley Lane, I found it instantly familiar. Two minutes later I’m trading tales of Rarotonga across the bar with award-winning bartender Luke Redington, nursing an Army Navy Blue ($17). It’s well balanced and quaffable, but if you really want to revisit your island honeymoon, head straight for the Banana Colada ($17). Besides being able to sit in a salvaged dinghy, Rambutan’s old portal fish tank has been turned into a nightmare video loop showing the terrors at the bottom of Davy Jones’ locker. After you’ve exhausted your whole talk-like-a-pirate repertoire, heave upstairs to the seafood shack. You’ll find plenty of ways to get your fingers dirty, from Oysters ($3.50/each) with eshallots and raspberry vinaigrette, to fat Grilled Marinated King Prawns ($5/each), to a bucket of Chicken Wings ($9/dozen) whose overly briny lick was eased with Anchor Steam Beer ($8). The only thing I wasn’t too fussed on was the saucing, though it’s hard to complain with the full suite of McIlhenny Company sauces sitting on the table. No such complaints about the Lobster Burger ($17), which arrives sporting a fat juicy lobster tail. It’s even priced (like the rest of the menu) to be affordable on a seaman’s wage.

Hello Sailor
96 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst (enter Foley Lane)
Ph: (02) 9332 2442
Seafood, Cocktails $$