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Forget ‘notegate’. What did our leaders actually say in today’s debate? Here’s a quick rundown

We won’t waste your time giving a second-by-second rundown of the awkward handshake or speculating on the ‘notegate’ scandal. Instead, here’s ‪#‎electionWIRE‬‘s cheatsheet on all the key policy promises made in last nights debate.

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Opening statement

Rudd: reflects on achievements of Labor government (paid parental leave, the end of WorkChoices, DisabilityCare). Rudd talks about moving Australia forward to a new economic transition.

Abbott: focuses on spending on transport and infrastructure. Says he will ‘Stop the boats’ (surprise, surprise).


Abbott: In response to Rudd’s suggestion that the Coalition will increase GST, Abbott says – there will be no increase in GST. There cannot be a change of GST without consent of states and territories.

Asylum seekers

Rudd: Rudd is confronted about the increase in boat arrivals after altering the deterrent measures of the Howard era. Rudd says that the changes were made because of “democratic mandate” and in hindsight he would have shifted to the current PNG solution earlier.

Abbott: will turn the boats back to Indonesia (if safe).

Tax cuts

Rudd: says that it’s not the right time to reduce company tax rate. Asks  how Abbott will fill the $70 billion dollar gap created by cutting the mining and carbon tax.

Abbott: will cut Labor’s school kid’s bonus. Will eliminate mining tax, carbon tax and will reduce corporate tax rates.


Rudd: NBN will boost productivity

Abbott: will make decision in his first term about a second airport for Sydney. Will implement WestConnect.

Aged care 

Abbott: will leave current Labor policy in place but will reduce paperwork.

Rudd: is focused on finances and allowing people to grow old in their own homes.

Climate change

Abbott: will reduce carbon emissions through a policy of direct action.

Rudd: will move to an emissions trading scheme.

Marriage equality: 

Rudd: Promises to bring in conscience vote within the first 100 days in office.


Rudd: says economy is transforming. The investment phase of the mining boom is coming to an end.

Abbott: will revive the mining boom by cutting the mining tax and carbon tax.

Closing statements: 

Rudd: will focus on the creation of jobs, better schools plan, investment in health and hospital systems.

Abbott: will get budget back in the black and stop the boats.

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