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Photo by Heidrun Lohr

The magical world of Emily Eyefinger will leap from the pages of Duncan Ball’s much-loved children’s book series and onto the stage in a return season of Monkey Baa Theatre’s popular production.

The play follows the exploits of Emily Eyefinger, a young girl born with the unusual gift of an eye on her forefinger. She joins her friend Malcolm to solve mysteries and foil the villainous Arthur Crim.

From the depths of the jungle to the ruins of ancient tombs, the high-energy show recreates the comical spirit of the original books through multimedia projections, lighting effects and animation, says actress Dannielle Jackson, who plays the title role.

“When Emily looks through her eye finger, you actually see her point of view coming up on the screen,” Jackson explains. “It’s a pretty spectacular journey and quite a feat that we’ve managed to put it onto one small stage.”

Beneath the hijinks an important message rings clear as Emily learns to embrace her extraordinary condition.

“I hope the moral of the story really resonates and people can walk away with a sense of celebrating difference,” says Jackson. (EJ)

Aug 8-10, Glen Street Theatre, Glen St & Blackbutts Rd, Belrose, $19, (02) 9975 1455,


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