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Double, Time. Climb installation shot

Charles Dennington’s Double, Time. Climb is a quirky show which mixes lush photography with sparse minimalist installations. The contrast is intriguing.

The exhibition was inspired by the artist’s visit to his childhood home. This is reflected in New Collection, a presentation of found objects that is reminiscent of the contents of a child’s pockets.

Other works such as Cast Sock and Boot, are further whimsical reminders of carefree youth and freedom.

The photographs provide a strong contrast to the playfulness of the physical pieces. Inspired by the rainforest, they feature shadowed faces and the ripe fecundity of nature. Their richness and beauty are poignant reminders of deep emotional attachment to nature and memory.

As a whole, Double, Time. Climb is a curious and unique collection of a nostalgic trip through imagination. (LR)

Until Sep 22, Galerie Pompom, 2/39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale, Free,

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