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Photo by Stephen Reinhardt

There’s never been anything as effective at scaring a person half to death as public speaking. Add to this the need to make up a script on the spot and a crowd full of people expecting comedy, and you have the art of improvisation or ‘improv’.

Impro Australia hosts its annual CanTeen charity fund raiser, Celebrity Theatresports this month. A fantastic night of improvised comedy set in a range of formats and featuring celebrities from various areas of the entertainment industry.

“We’ve got some celebrities who this will be a scary experience for,” says event MC Steen Raskoploulos.

“Clint Bolton (a Socceroo) for example, but some of our celebrities have quite a lot of experience.

“Andrew O’Keefe, Adam Spencer and Rob Carlton should be quite familiar with performing with each other, because they all used to do improv together when they were at university.”

It makes perfect sense that performers like O’Keefe, who have made careers of being in front of a crowd, talking absolute rubbish at the top of their voice and making people laugh, started while getting blind drunk at university. (LC)

Aug 24, Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown, $65, (02) 9550 3666,

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