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Trust Seth Rogen to take on a serious topic like religion and make it hilarious. Rogen and writing partner Evan Goldberg have created an original film that will unite people of different faiths under one thing – humour.

In This Is The End Rogen and actor-pal Jay Baruchel attend James Franco’s house-warming bash. Everyone from Rhianna to Michael Cera is partying when the world is suddenly faced with the apocalypse.

Franco, Baruchel and Rogen end up trapped with Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson, and these five ill-equipped actors try to survive impending damnation.

With an abundance of hilarious cameos (including a tough-girl Emma Watson), This Is The End walks the line between smart and smut as all of the actors self-depreciate and shrewdly poke fun at the entertainment industry while trying to negotiate the apocalypse and each other.

Improvised sections don’t move as smoothly with so many cooks in the film’s kitchen but overall This Is The End is clever comedy and holds an important message for humanity. Don’t be a dick. (LL)


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