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Photo by Karen Steains

Following on from TaikOz’s evocative production last year (Shifting Sand) comes a spectacular new collaboration called TaikoDeck with prominent Melbourne DJ and producer Max Royce-Hampton.

“We are always looking for new connections and collaborations,” says long-standing TaikOz cast member Anton Lock.

TaikoDeck is about respecting tradition but finding our own Australian voice and accent. At its simplest this show is taiko combined with hip-hop music from a DJ deck,” continues Lock.

A collaboration between brothers Tom Royce-Hampton (a TaikOz member) and DJ M-Royce (Max Royce-Hampton), TaikoDeck fuses east and west styles to create a performance not just for the ears and eyes, but felt throughout the entire body.

Presiding over the stage is one of the most impressive taiko drums, the Odaiko Grand Drum, a percussion beast weighing 250 kilos. Taiko means “big drum” in Japanese and the show also features more than 20 taiko drums as well as percussion instruments including traditional Japanese bamboo flutes, bells and gongs.

The contrast between strong-armed dynamics with more delicate instruments and the addition of live hip-hop will make it a spellbinding experience. (CN)

Aug 13-18, Glen St Theatre, Glen St & Blackbutts Rd, Belrose, $30-70, (02) 9975 1455,

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