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You’d be lucky to catch Kanye or his mate Jay-Z laughing at themselves as they rap their way through a game of celebrity heads, but that’s exactly the unserious attitude to hip-hop that Sketch The Rhyme adopts in their enthralling live shows.

Sydney-based MC Joel Rapaport has been developing the show for the last five years, with the help of fellow artists, DJs and musicians. The concept is unique and exciting, the key principle being a willingness to have fun.

“It’s basically a freestyle hip-hop game show with live art. We base all the games around interactions between MCs who are freestyling and artists who are sketching live,” Rapaport explains.

“We’ve constructed the show into a series of games, and it’s more like a theatrical comedy in its structure.”

Sketch The Rhyme attracts audience members of all ages, emblematic of the jovial Australian hip-hop scene in general.

“As it stands it’s pretty family friendly. You’ve got to be ready to not take yourself seriously – ready to have a joke and a laugh.”

With regular, bi-monthly shows starting at iconic venue The Basement, Rapaport hopes to increase its uniquely universal appeal. (RM)

Aug 8, The Basement, 7 Macquarie Place, Circular Quay, $18-22, (02) 9251 2797,

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