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Photo by Derek Henderson

On a quest to buy the perfect time piece, a man walks into an exclusive London shop and discovers the mechanisms behind human love and frailty.

David Nobay’s first work to reach the stage is a two-hander inspired by Quentin Tarantino, Samuel Beckett and Steven Berkoff. Called Moving Parts, it is a darkly comic thriller, where a simple transaction belies a complex past.

“At our core, men/chaps/blokes/guys have our own way of connecting,’’ Nobay said.

“It’s over-simplistic to say that we are emotionally constipated, or have trouble externalising our thoughts.”

Nobay, a highly successful ad industry man, aimed to create a work that was punchy and unexpected, where two characters continually redefine themselves and emerge each time in a slightly different relationship to one other.         

“I knew I wanted it to be about men and about family, because that’s something I understand and am interested in.”

Remaining studiously elusive on plot details, Nobay promises it will be worth the wait.

Moving Parts stars Colin Friels and Josh McConville, and is directed by Steve Rogers. (KS)

Jul 25-Aug 10, NIDA Parade Playhouse, Anzac Pde Kensington, $22-66,


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