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Many Australians know Irish comedian Jason Byrne for his magic tricks, but he is definitely not a magician, “If you go onto YouTube and you see me doing all those stupid magic tricks, you’ll see real magicians saying, ‘this is really bad magic man, really bad stuff’. I just go, ‘what the?’ I’m obviously just making fun of it!” he says.

Byrne has been working on TV and radio for over 15 years and on the live comedy circuit for almost as long. He is in fact, a tried and true, international stand-up comic that puts in the hard yards.

“There’s always a theme to the show. I always try and find out what’s going on in Australia at that point, and weave all that in as well,” Byrne continues.

“It’s a pretty hectic show, you know, where basically I try and kill myself as much as possible. Then at the end people always leave the show and say, ‘Do you reckon he made all that up?’ Nobody knows that I put a lot of care into it.”

After 11 years of performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and touring Australia, there is still one thing Byrne has on his to-do list.

“I’ll get huge big false teeth and I’ll get interviewed like that. I’ll just sit on Morning TV with huge teeth and go ‘hullo, good morning’.”  (LC)

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