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GIG REVIEW – WORDLIFE: July 6 at Goodgod, Sydney

The fabulously kitsch hipster bar, Goodgod played host to Wordlife on Saturday. The club is an ex-latin bar that plays into a rockabilly theme and provides a tasteful alternative to the Ivy.

Wordlife showed they have a strong fan base by drawing a solid crowd for the celebration of new album Breakthrough/Small Talk. There was hardly a bum on a seat for the duration of their hour-long set and their audience interaction was the highlight of the evening.

The Duo provided a set full of catchy samples and chest-rattling beats that explain why they are able to draw the masses, but beyond that they seemed to have a limited repertoire. The calypso-style drum add-ons were uninspired, likewise the call and response auto-tune synth that was drawn on repeatedly throughout the set.

A good night out, but not a beacon of creativity. (LC)


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