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What makes this modern family, perched uncertainly abreast the murky wave of teenage-dom alike any other, so different? What sinister psychological force threatens to ignite the happy future which Olga and Kurt, and all other teenagers, aspire towards?

Luke Rogers, Artistic Director of Stories Like These, heads up this new production of incendiary, disconnected Fireface, in collaboration with atyp Under The Wharf.

“It is about two teenagers who, like a lot of teenagers, have decided not to turn out like their parents,” Rogers says.

“It also looks at the obsessions of these two, who develop an intimate closeness with each other. Their parents are unaware, blind to what’s going on.”

The challenging, provocative content and structure of the play are what enticed Rogers to the project originally. It is in keeping with his theatre company’s focus on modern works that engage with multiple layers of infinite possibilities.

“We look for works that excite us and are exhilarating not only to produce but also for an audience,” says Rogers.

“It’s interesting seeing what plays are popping up in the zeitgeist at the moment, the different forms of story telling on offer and how form and media mix in challenging, contemporary drama. We try to test what else is possible.” (RM)

Aug 1-17, atyp, Studio 1, The Wharf, Pier 4/5 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, $20-32.50, (02) 9270 2400,

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