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A quirky name, a versatile sound and over ten years of experience, New Zealand soul pioneers Fat Freddy’s Drop are preparing to go back on the road with their latest work Blackbird.

Listening to this intriguing body of work, it’s clear that this album will be their most considered work to date.

“We had recorded half of the album before we went on tour last year, but when we got back we listened to it and realised that a lot had moved on since,” explains saxophone player Scott Towers aka Chopper Reedz.

“We felt we had to go back and re-record.”

So re-record they did. In true FFD improvisation, the band worked together to create their very own studio.

“We basically got hold of the warehouse where Joe (Lindsay aka Hopepa, the trombone player) was living at the time, and completely took over the space. The whole band could be in there at one time, so it was almost like a performance that you are capturing.”

Their last album in particular, titled Dr Boondigga & The Big BW, saw them peak at number one in the New Zealand charts, with many hailing them as one of the best exports NZ has produced in years. Chopper himself is adamant that there is no pressure for this new collection of songs to live up to these high expectations.

“I don’t think we would ever consciously sit down and decide which direction we should go in. We wanted to get a good idea, and really nourish it and do what comes naturally to grow that song. Then we would look at it in the context of the record.”

Due to hit the Enmore Theatre in August, Chopper says the seven-piece are buzzing to get back out on the road. Particularly to showcase the eclectic collection of soul, electro and funk that makes their new release come to life.

“Playing live has always been the core focus of the band. The more we play, the more we enjoy it!” (CD)

Aug 29, Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, $66.60,

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