Eat & Drink

Bar Fly: The Lobo Plantation

Basement, 209 Clarence Street, Sydney (0415) 554 908
“This really has the feel of Cuba,” confided my BFF (BAR FLY friend) “and I’ve been four times.” From the moment you walk past the palm trees and down the stairs, you’ll be swathed in a happy place. Round leather upholstery and old rock and roll encourage making new friends. As of course does the rum. It’s been five years in the making since Jared Merlino first dreamed of this. We scouted the cocktail list and swam laps with my top pick, Hollywood’s Esther Williams ($17). Although my BFF declares she is not usually a gin girl, on these premises she is the powerful and seductive Queen Bee ($17); or for entertainment value (and an excellent drink) you might like to try the Message in a Bottle. And you must eat the scrumptious Tamales!