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As a study of UK porn king Paul Raymond, it’s tempting to see this movie as a British version of The People vs Larry Flint – the 1996 biopic of US porn-supremo Larry Flint.

However this offering from British auteur Michael Winterbottom is a more nuanced film, though perhaps slightly less compelling. Anyone with an interest in the seedier side of life or those who like a rags to riches story will find this a fascinating film.

The plot explores the way Raymond (Steve Coogan) began as a boy from Liverpool “with five bob in his pocket” and became the “King of Soho” (London’s answer to Kings Cross).

Coogan and an ensemble cast of luminaries such as Anna Friel, David Walliams and Stephen Fry ensure this is a solid offering and one of the most notable British films of this year. (PH)


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