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Horror movies and popular culture have us believe communicating with the dead is a terrifying ordeal, but Lisa Williams says otherwise. The internationally-renowned psychic has lived a lifetime of the supernatural, spirits and a sixth sense. She now returns for her national tour to communicate with the living and the dead, and relate to her audience on a super-human level.

“I jump through the audience giving messages, connecting them with their loved ones. I put myself into negative situations, hunting for spirits. Normally there’s a real positive energy – I have a lot of fun, and people are surprised at how much they enjoy the evening,” says Williams.

Lisa previously hosted her own TV show, has had numerous talk-show appearances, written books and now teaches the art of mediumship to a keen audience. She claims to have communicated with a myriad of people, from her audience’s family members and loved ones to the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana and Natalie Wood.

“I’m hoping the audience will get some closure, a little bit of healing and realize that life continues on. After a show they always leave happy, and I can hear them. It’s so sweet.” (GF)

Jun 22, State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney, $89.90, (02) 9373 6655,

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