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Celebrate all things James Joyce and Irish at Bloomsday On Bondi. Begun in Dublin but now worldwide, Bloomsday marks June 16, the day on which Joyce set the events of Ulysses – his modernist masterpiece. This Sydney event is organised by the Irish Consulate and opened by the aptly named O’Farrell.

Samuel Beckett once said, Joyce was not meant to be read, “it is meant to be looked at and listened to”. Consul General Caitriona Ingoldsby agrees – “For many, Ulysses is a difficult work but having it read aloud brings it to life in a new way.”

Streams of consciousness, songs, readings and breakfast, which features heavily in a book about a simple man and the journey around Dublin making the ordinary extraordinary and changing literature forever. (GW)

Jun 16, Bondi Pavillion, Bondi Beach, Breakfast & readings, $20; Readings & song, free,

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