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Sitting in the intimate theatre at the Sydney QT, Jonathan Notley, Max McKinnon and Tarik Ejjamai aka Bliss, Eso and DJ Izm, look positively relaxed – knocking back beers and cracking jokes about the repetitive screensaver before us.

They have every right to be chilled, as they prepare to unveil their most commanding and dynamic work to date. 

Previewing 12 of the 17 tracks from their fifth offering, Circus in the Sky, the boys are most definitely back on form with a collection of songs that are epically versatile.

With songs like the futuristic-sounding Pale Blue Dot ironically reflecting on their past, the hysterically facetious masterpiece that is Act Your Age, and the Aussie MC anthem Reservoir Dogs, there’s nothing to fault.

BnE have always been a band for the people, promoting unity and acceptance. You’ve been warned Australia, this is their most powerful message to date. (CD)


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